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re-tuned harmonicas 


Name Change

Complesso Spettro

Filled with happy drones (2020) cello,violin and electronics, with Marta Forsberg




Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro, HEX006, 2022Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro, HEX006, 2022

Anyone Can Play Mouth Harp, Umland Editions, 2021Anyone Can Play Mouth Harp, Umland Editions, 2021

Deinas (with Carlo Spiga), self release, 2021Deinas (with Carlo Spiga), self release, 2021

For a flat, pyr 149, 2015For a flat, pyr 149, 2015 










Complesso Spettro (Brackish, Briny), 2 pieces for ensemble and DAW (2022)

A gigantic blowing machine or a pocket tin sandwich (2021), for 5  re-tuned harmonicas and megaphones, commissioned by Ictus Ensemble 

Degradando (2021) for viola d'amore and 2 re-tuned harmonicas, commissioned by Lo Desconcert

In Accordo (2018) String octet

Argia 101 (2016) Cello and Voice duo, with Clara Murtas

Modulare (2015) Modular Graphic score for Ulrich Krieger's Sonic Boom Ensemble

Multiphonic Study (2014) String trio

AIM (2014) Cello, Bass Clarinet and Piano


Music for Dance

A mort (2023) by Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Anyonething (2023) by Sheena McGrandles

In the depths (2022) by Sheena McGrandles, Claire Sobottke. Direction and dop Silvia Maggi.

Dawn (2022) by Sheena McGrandles

Flush (2020) by Sheena McGrandles

Figured (2018) by Sheena McGrandles

All Inclusive (2016) by Julian Weber



KOWS (2020), with Neo Hülcker

Are you composing or are you eating (2019), with Neo Hülcker

Hey What's up it's Neo! (2018) written for Neo Hülcker's Breaking of the voice concert

The Subtleties of Pokeberry Rouge (2017) Self-portrait with Youtubers or:  a spoken drag act on a Dolly Parton story.

Ear Action (2016) one on one performance with noise protection headphones and objects, with Neo Hülcker

Per Scaramanzia (2015-2016) solo performer, skipping rope and lots of bells

Azzurro Sussurro (2015) ASMR barber persona featuring also in ASMR yourself by The Agency



Self Induced Music (2016) interactive audio/video installation, with Neo Hülcker

Collision and Repeat (2015-2016) video, performance and live cello, with Kyle Bellucci Johanson

302 (2015) audio/video, with Doris Schmid

Der Markt (2014) audio installation

Chiara's Dream Piece (2018) for a great listener