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Azzurro Sussurro (2015 - ongoing)
ASMR artist


Azzurro Sussurro is a certified ASMR artist.
His career started in 2014 in a barbershop in Los Angeles. Here he discovered his first ASMR-tingles while cutting other peoples hair.Azzurro then started to work on his own ASMR treatments using the different sounds of a barber shop.In 2015 he met the ASMRtist Ephemeral Rift. This encounter changed his practice as an ASMRtist to a more kinky and bizarre one.Since 2016 Sussurro is a part of the „Feminist ASMR“ youtube channel in which he whispers feminist texts, together with Thousand Tingles and Tracey Stencil. You can experience his art live during the events ASMR yourself, organized by The Agency.