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 30.05.24 solo harmonica and electronics, opening for Kaj Duncan David & Scenatet at KM28, Berlin

10.06.24 "mondo manifest-o" new piece, played by Ensemble Kompopolex, Klang Festival, Copenhagen

29.-30.06.24 "Ear Action" with Neo Hülcker, at 48h Neukölln, Berlin

11.07.24 "mondo manifest-o" , played by Ensemble Kompopolex, at Heroins of Sound, Radial System, Berlin




24.03.24 MINT: An Opera on Money (Sheena Mcgrandles and friends) at HAU 1, Berlin

10.02.24 Name Change (with Neo Hülcker) at Ausland, Berlin

24.02.24 The Strokes performance with/by Tyra Wigg at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

24.-25.-26.-27.03.24 MINT an opera on money with Sheena McGrandles, HAU1, Berlin

28.10.23 with Luciano Chessa, opening for Paolo Fresu & Uri Caine at Babylon, Berlin

01.10.23 Hošek Contemporary Berlin with Adam Goodwin and Penelope Gkika

30.09.23 Name Change (with Neo Hülcker) at Y-E-S collective plays musics at the Heizhaus, Uferstudios, Berlin

16,17,18.06.23 a gigantic blowing machine or a pocket tin-sandwich as a part of Holding present by Ictus ensemble and Ula Sickle, Centre Pompidou, Paris

04.06.23 a gigantic blowing machine or a pocket tin-sandwich as a part of Holding present by Ictus ensemble and Ula Sickle, Concertgebouw, Brugges

22.-25.03.23 A mort by Claire Vivianne Sobottke at Sophiensaele, Berlin

15.10.22 Deinas with Carlo Spiga and Clara Murtas at Telegraphwerk, Berlin

13.10.22 Complesso Spettro at Ausland, Berlin

09.10.22 Gotzos with Carlo Spiga at Occulture Festival, Monopol, Berlin

16.09.22 Everyone can play harmonica at KM28, Berlin 

10-11.09.22 Y-E-S Fest #2 at Heizhaus, Berlin

13.08.22 Solo at Sentimental Punk #58, Kotti Shop, Berlin

18.06.22 Ear Action at Bonanza Festival, Koeln 

08.04.22 Complesso Spettro Record Release, KM28, Berlin

16-17.03.22 Tanzplatform 2022 with Flush by Sheena McGrandles, Sophiensaele, Berlin

05.12.21 Y-E-S collective concert at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

03.12.21 Ear Action at Sonic Matter Festival, with Neo Huelcker, Zurich

29.11.21 Figured by S. McGrandles at CoFestival, Lubljana

20.11.21 a gigantic blowing machine or a pocket tin-sandwich premiere with Ensemble Ictus, Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg

25.-26.09.21 Dawn, a musical on reproduction, Heizhaus, Uferstudios Berlin

28.08.21 Degradando premiere, Festival Felix! Original. Klang. Kölner Philharmonie, Köln

01.08.21 Flush by Sheena McGrandles, Schwere Reiter, München

14.06.21 Traces from moving in november, Figured by Sheena McGrandles, Helsinki

06.06.21 Labor Sonor series, Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin

02.05.21 Oscillation Festival, QO-2  Brussels

27-28.03.21  MaerzMusik Festival, Berlin, Time Piece collective project

20.02 - 06.03.21 Sophiensaele streaming on demand, Figured+Flush by Sheena McGrandles dance films

21.-22.11.20 Sophiensaele, Berlin, Figured + Flush by Sheena McGrandles  upcoming video work instead!

16.10.20 Kontraklang at villa Elisabeth, Berlin, Kows UA with Neo Hülcker

10.10.20 Urbäng festival, Köln, music for Sheena Mcgrandles's Figured,

01.10.20 ifa galerie, Berlin with Rosanna Lovell, Workshop Ecologies of listening #2

27.08.20 ACUD, Berlin with Marta Forsberg

15.08.20 What's that noise, Radial System, Berlin with Silvia Maggi

6.-8.03.20 Tanz Platform, Munich Figured by Sheena McGrandles

20.02.20 KM28, Berlin Vibrant Matter Portraits #4 with Lucie Vitkova, Evelyn Saylor, Martyna Poznanska

6.-9.02.20 Sophiensaele, Berlin music for FLUSH by Sheena McGrandles

28.-31.12.19 Volksbühne, Berlin with Peaches

14.11.19 Mehrspur, Zurich with Neo Hülcker

13.09.19 ITINERANT INTERLUDE #46, ZAK | Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin with Marta Forsberg

30.-31.08.19 Musikhuset, Aahrus with Peaches

28.08.19 Royal Festival Hall, London with Peaches

15.-17.08.19 Kampnagel, Hamburg with Peaches

21.06.19 Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin with Rico Lee

14.05.19 KM28, Berlin with Rico Lee

22.03.19 Festspiele, Berlin, März Musik Festival Opening Concert

16.03.19 Ufer Studios, Berlin, KNM Contemporaries

27.-28.10.18 Mengi and Salurinn Concert Hall, Reykjavík, Cycle Festival

29.-30.09.18 Agora Berlin, Y-E-S Fest

21.-23.09.18 BAM!Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater, Berlin

31.08.-01.09.18 Malovice, Hear me! festival

24./25..08.18 Tanznacht, Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

18.08.18 Instalakcje Festival, Nowy Theater, Warsaw

26.07.18 Darmstädter Ferienkurse, concert of the composer-performer workshop

06.05.18 The Place, London, music for Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

05.04.18 Ausland, Berlin, Neo Hülcker´s Breaking the voice concert. Performance of Hey what´s up is Neo

21.03.18  März Musik, GRINM workshop

09.03.18 Westgermany, Berlin. Solo electronics

16.12.17 Ufer Studios, Berlin, music for Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

07.12.17 London Contemporary Music Festival, An assembly ensemble performs Ear Action

23.11.17 3HD Festival, HAU, Berlin, Ear Action with Neo Hülcker

04.11.17 A happening at Acud, Berlin, cello with Kenichi and the sun

26.05.17 Sound acts, Athens, performing The Subtleties of pockeberry rouge

04.05.17 Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Collision and Repeat with Kyle Bellucci Johanson

29.04.17 Inact festival, Strasbourg, performing The Subtleties of pockeberry rouge

07.04.17 the wolf, Los Angeles, with Orr Sinay and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley

16.03 - 27.03.17 Dear Reader tour

25.02.17 Lido, Berlin, Dear Reader record release

28.01.17 Harpa, Reykjavik, Dark Music days festival, performing ear action with Neo Hülcker

09.12.16 UdK, Berlin, Mehrlicht Musik festival  Drag Study

02.12.16 Klangkeller, Berlin, cello for NOK by Andreas Dzialocha

12.09.16 Ufer Studios, Berlin, music for ALL INCLUSIVE by Julian Weber

23.09.16 Signal Festival, Cagliari, Performing Argia 101 in collaboration with Clara Murtas

19.08.16 Neue Musik Festival Rümlingen, Performing Per Scaramanzia

29.07.16 Yo sissy Festival with Godmother

14.07.16 Kammerspiele, München, ASMR yourself

19.06.16 Flutgraben, berlin, Pacific Bodies. Performing Ear action in collaboration with Neo Hülcker

21.05.16 Raum, Witten with Godmother

16.05.16 Schokoladen, berlin with Godmother

28.04.16 Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin, cello for PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE by Hannah Weinberger

03.04.16 Nuovo Panificio, Cagliari, Veloce-Casti

01.04.16 Piazza sa Ruxi, Sarroch, Veloce-Casti

13.03.16 District Berlin, Constructing ruins (keeping it wet) with Julian Weber and Laure Leander