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Chiara’s dream piece (YES#6, 2018)



Released on  in March 2018

Chiara is a great listener, in fact I think she is the best listener I know.
One summer day we engaged in a conversation about music and her relationship with it. Sparking from that conversation, this piece is a personal commission based on Chiara’s favourite sounds and wishes. It is a unique opportunity to be in contact with a truly committed listener. Nothing else. So easy.

Anybody is very welcome to interpret the piece and either record it or perform live for Chiara, in return they will get listened to devotedly.

Chiara is already looking forward to listening to your interpretation!
please send recordings to or drop a line at the same address to schedule a live performance!

Here you can download the instructions to interpret Chiara’s dream piece.


Here you can listen to the recording of the conversation with Chiara ( in Italian), and this is a rather poetic translation I made of some parts:


I like delta blues, noisy free jazz, dirty rock where they scream and hit on stuff, I like dramatic classical music. I like prog-music because it would awaken feelings in my spine like shivers, on the side, like a massage. I had visions, I had wings, a volcano. It's like somebody hitting you on the back, hammering here, here. Like I had a man running up and down my stomach, like a pressure pot. Look at your fucking face!
Let's listen to Bonehead. It's like a representation of what I feel, if you could look. The representation of my character would be a sound like this, or blues. I like Mingus ‘cause he's brilliant, but I don't know why, is like the satisfaction of a person that makes good jokes. You have a look in their way of thinking. When I listen to some music I think “ah, cool! Good idea. But I have no idea why..” Is so good. I love when the drums play like it doesn't fit with the rest. When it doesn't make sense and then again it does. Also when it never makes sense is good. Beautiful. Charlie Parker is like an oscilloscope going fast, Mingus is like slower waves, Coltrane is liquid, round, like a river, dense. Is warm, visceral, visceral. I have no words. I become fire. You know when the matches light up and 
are big under?

I become like that.


Documentation from the Y-E-S Fest: