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27.-28.10.18 Mengi and Salurinn Concert Hall, Reykjavík, Cycle Festival

29.-30.09.18 Agora Berlin, Y-E-S Fest

21.-23.09.18 BAM!Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater, Berlin

31.08.-01.09.18 Malovice, Hear me! festival

24./25..08.18 Tanznacht, Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

18.08.18 Instalakcje Festival, Nowy Theater, Warsaw

26.07.18 Darmstädter Ferienkurse, concert of the composer-performer workshop

06.05.18 The Place, London, music for Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

05.04.18 Ausland, Berlin, Neo Hülcker´s Breaking the voice concert. Performance of Hey what´s up is Neo

21.03.18  März Musik, GRINM workshop

09.03.18 Westgermany, Berlin. Solo electronics

16.12.17 Ufer Studios, Berlin, music for Figured by Sheena Mcgrandles

07.12.17 London Contemporary Music Festival, An assembly ensemble performs Ear Action

23.11.17 3HD Festival, HAU, Berlin, Ear Action with Neo Hülcker

04.11.17 A happening at Acud, Berlin, cello with Kenichi and the sun

26.05.17 Sound acts, Athens, performing The Subtleties of pockeberry rouge

04.05.17 Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Collision and Repeat with Kyle Bellucci Johanson

29.04.17 Inact festival, Strasbourg, performing The Subtleties of pockeberry rouge

07.04.17 the wolf, Los Angeles, with Orr Sinay and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley

16.03 - 27.03.17 Dear Reader tour

25.02.17 Lido, Berlin, Dear Reader record release

28.01.17 Harpa, Reykjavik, Dark Music days festival, performing ear action with Neo Hülcker

09.12.16 UdK, Berlin, Mehrlicht Musik festival  Drag Study

02.12.16 Klangkeller, Berlin, cello for NOK by Andreas Dzialocha

12.09.16 Ufer Studios, Berlin, music for ALL INCLUSIVE by Julian Weber

23.09.16 Signal Festival, Cagliari, Performing Argia 101 in collaboration with Clara Murtas

19.08.16 Neue Musik Festival Rümlingen, Performing Per Scaramanzia

29.07.16 Yo sissy Festival with Godmother

14.07.16 Kammerspiele, München, ASMR yourself

19.06.16 Flutgraben, berlin, Pacific Bodies. Performing Ear action in collaboration with Neo Hülcker

21.05.16 Raum, Witten with Godmother

16.05.16 Schokoladen, berlin with Godmother

28.04.16 Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin, cello for PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE by Hannah Weinberger

03.04.16 Nuovo Panificio, Cagliari, Veloce-Casti

01.04.16 Piazza sa Ruxi, Sarroch, Veloce-Casti

13.03.16 District Berlin, Constructing ruins (keeping it wet) with Julian Weber and Laure Leander